Sustainable Development

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What is the meaning of Sustainable Development? We generally read such rosy words in the corporate presentation. wiki says economic development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources.  Now we see people talking about Sustainable Development sitting in Air Conditioned offices which its self is very much contradictory to its own definition. Let's find out more and explore more about this Sustainability! Nature is the best teacher and we should learn from...

Forest Man - Chaitram Pawar

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In the 1st week of February, I came across one eminent personality “Mr Chaitramji Pawar” who devoted 2 & ½ Decades of his life to make his village self-sustainable. This was possible only because of Vivekanand Seva Mandal - NGO based in Dombivali, runs a library for engineering students & is also actively working in various tribal villages across Thane district. Mr Ketan Bondre and Mr Hemant Gokhale insisted me to visit this village along with them and...

What is organic?​

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​Organic agriculture means a process of developing a viable and sustainable agroecosystem.  The most important word in the definition of organic is sustainable and ecosystem. We generally ask for certification but do not understand what standards are referred for certification. Organic cultivation is not only limited to the specific crop, soil, water and fertiliser or pesticide. It is also talking about the genetic variability of crops, biodiversity in a specific region...

Importance of Farmer in our Life

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"When a farmer supplies and fulfils our need, it becomes our duty (it's not charity) to make sure his needs are equally met" 3 Basic Needs of Human Being Food, clothing and Shelter are 3 basic needs of human being. All 3 needs fulfil from nature. Food and clothing are fulfilled with the help of farmer. We can live without clothing and shelter but we can not live without food. Secret of Healthy Lifestyle If food is so...

trade vs fair trade

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In my school days, I heard about Indian trade concept where people use to do business/trade with commodities. e.g. farmer will buy potteries by giving rice to potter-man and so on. I believe, that was a start of fair trade where people just tried to full-fill our needs by compensating with the things they have in excess and helping each other. "The day when trade changed from need base to profit base, fair trade practices started vanishing and greed took over the...

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