trade vs fair trade


In my school days, I heard about Indian trade concept where people use to do business/trade with commodities. e.g. farmer will buy potteries by giving rice to potter-man and so on.

I believe, that was a start of fair trade where people just tried to full-fill our needs by compensating with the things they have in excess and helping each other.

"The day when trade changed from need base to profit base, fair trade practices started vanishing and greed took over the need."

Here, take a look into previous and current scenario:

Previous Scenario:

  • why trade got evolved - to help each other
  • who are the beneficiaries -  producers and consumers​


Current Scenario:

  • what is the meaning of trade in current era - earn money
  • who are beneficiary - middle manconventional.png

Future Scenario:

Its time to challenge the current trade and move on to concept of Fair Trade which will benefit producer and consumers.faitrade.jpg

Saameer Ravindra Athavale

Fair Trade Activist 

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