Who we are and what we do

Shop for Change Fair Trade is a section 8 Not for Profit company set up in 2009 by the NGOs to find an innovative solution to the problems faced by of poor farmers and artisans in India.

Shop for Change uses certification to build the capacity of producer groups and improve their access to value-added markets as well as protect the environment, promote social equity and raise awareness among consumers. Shop for Change has four main functions; certification, business services, producer services and awareness raising.

Shop for Change consults a broad cross-section of businesses, academics, farmer and artisan organisations and consumers to set fair trade standards that are designed to meet the unique challenges faced by Indian farmers and artisans. The Shop for Change certification system is participatory, so that the certification process itself works to empower farmers and artisans. Certification also works on a continual improvement basis to remove barriers for new farmers and artisans wanting to enter into the system. We use independent auditors to check that standards are being met and we keep our standards under review so that they remain relevant to the situation on the ground.
Business services
Shop for Change engages brands and retailers about the fair trade concept and provides supply chain services, linking up businesses to the suppliers they need. We use marketing and promotional campaigns to support the sale of products that carry the Shop for Change Mark and help businesses communicate about their involvement in fair trade. Shop for Change standards also ensure consistent supply of market quality products for buyers.
Producer services
Shop for Change works to ensure that producer groups have all the help and information they need to gain certification. We are also here to advise and support producer groups in matters relating to meeting the Shop for Change standards.
Awareness raising
Shop for Change uses promotional campaigns, online marketing and generates media coverage to build a network of informed consumers to spread the fair trade message in India and grow the market for Shop for Change Fair Trade certified goods. We work with likeminded organisations to highlight the plight of disadvantaged farmers and artisans and build the fair trade movement in India.
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