The Shop for Change Mark

At Shop for Change, we set strict social and environmental standards and use independent auditors to check that farmers, artisans and businesses are sticking to our rules.

This means that when you buy a product with the Shop for Change Mark, you can trust that it was ethically and environmentally sourced and that the farmer or artisan behind it received a fairer deal.

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Meaning behind the mark

Better access to value-added markets and the capacity building premium (an extra 15% paid by buyers to producer organisations for produce sold under Shop for Change terms), work in combination with the Shop for Change standards to improve the lives of farmers and artisans and protect the planet.

The Shop for Change Mark works to:

  • Improve livelihoods and protect wages
  • Develop farms through training on better and greener growing practices
  • Care the environment
  • Build stronger farmer organisations
  • Empower farmers and women
  • Ensure safe, healthy and non-discriminatory workplaces
  • Build long-term trading relationships around better terms of trade
  • Increase transparency and accountability
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