Farmer Groups

Farmer groups are organisations set up to help farmers by working to improve their profitability and market access. Certified farmer groups are accountable, transparent, non-discriminatory and work to empower female members.

Shop for Change certified farmer groups use a participatory system to train and assess farmers against Shop for Change standards.

Capacity Building Premium
Farmer groups receive a capacity building premium from buyers, which is an additional sum set at 15% of the market value for crops sold under Shop for Change terms. This money is invested in training and services that help farmers meet Shop for Change standards or run their farms more effectively. Using field demonstrations, seminars, workshops and face-to-face training, farmer groups provide a variety of training from technical instruction on better farm management to education around eco friendly production.
Improved market access
Shop for Change works to link up small-scale farmers with value-added markets and connects farmer groups to appropriate fair trade buyers. In addition, by organising into farmer groups, farmers have increasing options of who they sell to and gain strength in price negotiations.
Long-term trading relationships and better terms of trade
Shop for Change helps farmer groups build long-term trading partnerships with buyers, encouraging the signing of long-term procurement contracts. These contracts are drawn up to Shop for Change standards to be fair and transparent and must be clearly understood by both parties. Shop for Change encourages buyers to provide notice of special requirements to producer organisations in advance of the crop season. Our standards also set out the framework for a constructive way forward should problems arise between buyers and sellers.
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