Farmers commit to care for the environment and partake in sustainable farming and environmental management training programmes.

Farmers and farmer groups are assessed against Shop for Change standards and must show continual improvement.

Environmental management
Shop for Change farmers actively participate in an environmental impact assessment and implement its recommendations to protect biodiversity, local waters and forests and work towards improving their energy efficiency and waste management. Farmers learn strategies for retention of groundwater in drought-prone areas, efficient water use in irrigated areas, and soil erosion control and water conservation in hill slope areas.
Sustainable farming
Farmer organisations develop their own goals and procedures for sustainable agricultural practices in compliance with Shop for Change standards. Sustainable agricultural includes such areas as integrated pest and crop management and organic, biodynamic and pesticide-free farming. Farmers get help in meeting these goals through technical training and onsite support.
Chemical use
Farmer groups must ensure that all government banned chemicals are not being used by registered farmers. Farmers also receive training to help them reduce their dependence on agrichemicals as much as possible and learn how to dispose of chemicals safely.
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