Ghee – Cow Ghee – Desi Cow Ghee – Organic Ghee (yes lot of words, as marketing principle, either u convince the consumer or confuse them, commercial world choose 2nd option and it is working for them)

Everyone in India nowadays busy in claiming the importance of Desi Cow. I respect their opinions but they share half-truth. So let’s reveal the complete truth.
Lets 1st go back in the Spiritual way and try to understand the Desi Cow.
Geeta Suggests following meal pattern for the human being – to my extent of surprise grains and other things are not included.
(पत्र पुष्प फल जल स्निग्ध) Patra – Leaves, Pushp – Flower, Phal-Fruits, Jal-Water and Snigdh-Milk any Milk Products
So Bhagwat Geeta Suggest if you consuming this you will be eating Satvik(Postive) Food and which will reflect Postive Aura.

Let’s understand Snigdh Part of it which is Milk and Milk products as our topic is Ghee.
If you hear out Lord Krishan Stories you will remember, the story of Krishna and his friends taking cows in Jungle for the entire day and only at night cows are hosted in their Gaushala. Which means cows allowed to eat whatever they want from the jungle and be in biodiversity to have ample choice to eat. Also enough of a walk to make sure they remain active throughout the day.

Now you will definitely think why I am writing Jungle story-
Let us take 2 situations –
1. The man entering the jungle and allowed to eat whatever he wants. ( I am not sure whether he will able to choose proper leaves/grass.)
2. Cows / Buffaloes and other vegetarian animals allowed to eat whatever they want they choose perfectly what they want. They never even touch the leaves which are poisonous.
So the animals do have some extra sense by which they can identify best to eat. (Unfortunately, Humans lost the same as they are running for so-called development)
We always observe a cat eating green grass when her stomach is upset. This is natural remedies.

Lets comeback on our topic – desi cow can deliver the best milk if she is allowed to eat by her own choice and kept in the bio-diversified area. The cow which is allowed to have this level of freedom can only give us best, milk and in terms best milk products.
So claiming organic – Vedic cow ghee will never have all properties which we think they will have. Only following or I will say claiming Vedic formation of Cow Ghee can never give u healing effects.

So please just do not go with name verify till this level. Also how someone can claim milk is organic because it’s not about eating chemical-free its all about balancing ecosystem and staying with biodiversity.

Another claim by people desi cow is best and Jersy cow is not that good. Yes, anything which is not genetically modified will remain best. So jersey cow is the result of modified DNA structure with generations of cross-breeding of various high milk producing animals. So it’s not only about type of cow its also about understanding the rule of nature. Every desi cow cant produces best just because it is Desi cow and every Jersey cow cant produce worst just because of its Jersey.

Huge numbers of gaushala around us, claiming that they will able to give you A2 milk or A2 ghee don’t just blindly follow them try to understand how best milk can be produced.

So we should either follow 100%% science or 100%% spiritual way anything halfway is always dangerous. Lord Krishan never made Desi Cow better milk producing animal his routine of taking them to Jungle allowing them to be there for entire day made those cows best and hence they could able to make the best milk produce and sell in better cities of that era.

I get an infinite number of proposals to promote their Desi Cow Ghee. What I need is cow allowed to hang out freely for the entire day may not be in the complete jungle but at least with the good bio-diversified area. When I visited the farmer near Rajkot yes I saw empty Gaushala and while leaving his field in the evening I saw cows walking back to their shelters. This is what I was searching for and personal verification can only make sure this happens.

Also to cook food or for regular use we do not need Vedic methods. Even Ayurveda does not claim this. Ghee prepared by Vedic methods are only used in medicine, not for general consumption. (I am sure people who claim this they are not even aware of Vedic methods I am also no expert on that)
(e.g. Oil extracted from Garcinia indica and real Vedic Ghee might be – normal cow ghee) can be an excellent alternative to Krack cream)

So simple rule – do not buy anything expensive just because of this fake commercial world. Instead, invest that money in reaching out to source validating the information. Try to read before actual field visit as much as possible.

Saameer Ravindra Athavale
Fair Trade Activist
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