Shop for Change works with socially and environmentally minded businesses and helps them build long-term partnerships with farmer groups and a strong ethical reputation among consumers.

We promote the Shop for Change Mark and certified products to grow the fair trade market to benefit disadvantaged farmers.

Product differentiation and promotion
The Shop for Change Mark differentiates products in a crowded marketplace, giving brands the ethical edge they need. Shop for Change marketing and promotional campaigns support the sale of companies’ certified products and raise awareness about fair trade and farmer issues. By engaging consumers about the origins of their products, we aim to get them excited about being a part of the fair trade movement and offer them an easy way to make a difference.
The Shop for Change guarantee
Businesses can have confidence in the ethical and environmental practices of Shop for Change Fair Trade certified farmers and suppliers thanks to our robust, independent certification system. We audit farms and suppliers annually to ensure farmers are caring for the environment and their workers. We also check businesses and farmer groups annually so that consumers can trust that their Shop for Change purchase will help farmers sustainably develop their farms, learn new skills and improve their livelihoods for a more secure future.
Quality assurance
Farmer groups are responsible for monitoring quality during the crop season and providing technical training to ensure that quality standards are met. Farmer groups also ensure proper handling and storage of crops following the harvest and make sure deliveries are on time.
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