The international success story of fair trade and its enormous growth potential in India

Worldwide, consumers spent over US$4.1 billion on fair trade certified products in 2008, a 22% increase on the previous year despite the global recession. Fair trade fashion in particular captured the world’s imagination, with global sales of fair trade certified cotton growing by 94% over the same period to just under US$240 million.
The world’s largest brands have caught on to fair trade’s high consumer trust levels and growth potential. Wal-Mart, Tesco, Starbucks, and Target are just a few examples of global brands that sell products carrying fair trade certification marks.
US$4.1 billion global fair trade sales in 2008
Shopping with a conscience is also taking off in India and, thanks to a fast-emerging class of knowledgeable and discerning consumers, the growth potential is enormous.
A MasterCard survey conducted in the fourth quarter of 2009 found that 76% of Indian respondents would go ‘out of their way’ to purchase products based on fair trade principles ‘as well as pay more for such items’. The same study found that for online shoppers ‘about half of the respondents stated that for very specific causes that they want to support, they check out cause related website for products.
‘76% of Indians would go ‘out of their way’ to buy fair trade products ‘as well as pay more for such items. Mastercard 2010
Although ethical and environmental certification is a relatively new concept in India, a 2008 Xavier Institute of Management study found that 13% of Indian urban consumers are willing to spend more on certified environmentally friendly clothing. New consumer labels like the Shop for Change Mark are catching the eye of Indian shoppers, making products stand out from the crowd as original and uniquely environmental and ethical.
Shop for Change offers you the opportunity to be one of the first to get behind fair trade in India and earn a reputation as a pioneer within the ethical marketplace and an innovator in the business world. Stand head and shoulders above the brands around you and give your product sales a boost with the unique selling point offered by the Shop for Change Mark.
“Fair trade will help in the growth of the organised retail market and in India, with its huge unorganised sector, even small retailers can avail of it. Fair trade has a ready market.
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