Empowering farmers and artisans to improve their lives through fair trade

Recent unprecedented economic growth has brought prosperity to a rapidly growing middle class in India, yet many poor farmers and artisans have been left behind.

Every day we are touched by the lives of farmers and artisans, from our morning chai to the charpai we lay down on at night. The products that we depend on from day to day have a story to tell about the people who worked hard to produce them. Shop for Change gives consumers a chance to hear their story and make sure they get their fair share.

Urgent need

The desperate situation faced by many marginalised producers is highlighted by the alarming rate of farm suicides in India. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, there have been over 2 lakh farm suicides since 1997. Shop for Change offers the new generation of educated, discerning consumers the power to make a difference, change the way India does business and shop for change.

Look for the Mark

The Shop for Change Mark is your stamp of approval. When you see it you can trust our guarantee that your fair trade purchase will help empower farmers and artisans to improve their incomes and care for the environment.


By choosing products that carry the Mark, one small change in your life can mean big life changes for poor farmers.

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