Shop for Change Fair Trade is not for profit organisation registered in 2009 as Section 8 company with Registrar of Companies and having 12AA certificate from Income Tax Department.
We humbly take credit for being India’s 1st fair trade label that reaches out to goals beyond profits to ensure sustainable livelihoods for artisans/farmers across India. The Shop for Change Mark on product guarantees a fair deal for everyone in the chain as also the environment.

To make difference! Shop with us!

Ganpati Bappa Morya 🙏🙏

Welcome The VIGHNAHARTA of the Universe with our Melt In Mouth MODAKs prepared especially by our farmer friends 💕

Am sure our Foodie Ganpati Bappa will relish these MODAKs made with Organic Jaggery, Coconut, Aamrus, Cardamom and Nutmeg.

Our ORGANIC and DELECTABLE MODAKs are definitely a better option than the adulterated and chemical loaded market bought sweets.

Price of Organic MODAKs ((all inclusive, door-step delivery anywhere in India) 💕)

1 box of 21 Modak: ₹295/-

2 boxes of 21 Modak : ₹500/-


Organic agriculture means a process of developing viable and sustainable agroecosystems.

The most important word in the definition of organic is sustainable and ecosystem.

We generally ask for certification but do not understand what standards are referred for certification. Organic cultivation is not only limited to the specific crop, soil, water and fertiliser or pesticide. It is also talking about the genetic variability of crops, biodiversity in a specific region and multi-crop cultivation. In certification what we test is final output as monitoring entire process is not possible. Unfortunately organic is linked with end product but in reality it is process, not output.

The myth about Organic!

GMO Seeds

Almost all organic produce sellers claim that we do not use GMO seeds. In reality, apart from cotton, no GMO seeds are in use in India.

My produce is residual free

This is the only marketing gimmick. even though you use chemical fertilisers and chemical pesticides you can achieve this with the simple trick. Any farmer not using any chemical prior 15-20 days of harvesting most of his produce is residual free.

We use organic manure

Although farmer may be using organic manure, how many years he was using chemical fertilisers and how many years he started using organic manure is yet another question? Read more

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    सौ. संजीवनी कुलकर्णी - डोंबिवली

    या चळवळीचे आभार आणि कौतुक करावे तेवढे कमीच पडेल. शेतकरी मला अन्न देऊन जगवतो हे बालवाडीत शिकवलेले ज्ञान पुन्हा एकदा मोठेपणी, शहरात रहाणार्‍या प्रत्येकाने समजून घेऊन काही कृती केली तर ती खरी कृतज्ञता.हे काम Shop for Change करीत आहे म्हणून त्यांचे कौतुक. एक ग्राहक म्हणून का असेना, माझा खारीचा वाटा असण्याची संधी मिळाली हे छान वाटते आहे. शिवाय माझ्या कुटुंबाचा फायदा हा की आम्ही कीटकनाशक विरहित भाज्या खात आहोत.

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    Sinthuja Shankar – Borivali

    “I have been a regular customer with shop for change from the beginning and have seen the hard work and dedication of the team in keeping their promise to deliver organic produce direct from farmer to consumer. Started with limited number of veggies and fruits now they continuously increase the list to a wide variety of pulses and natural alternatives. I have been quite happy with the produce both with quantity and quality for the price. My concerns and queries have always been given at-most attention and dealt with immediately. I am looking forward to this mission to open up all over India to provide us with good quality food and at the same time help the farmers who continuously put hard work and time to bring quality food for us.”

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    Anita Singh – Powai

    The quality of veggies has improved a lot… now it’s easy to place an order as we get calls too from Shop for change fair Trade and over the phone, I can place the order. I am happy that I am getting quality veggies and which is helping the farmers directly.


Saameer Ravindra Athavale/
Building ethical community is my dream and I am trying to work on the same. I want to build one community which will not believe in any religion/cast but will only believe in living the ethical lifestyle.
Anita Pagare/
Women empowerment is my passion. I am happy to empower women in Rural India either by creating employment or promoting their products and building an ethical supply chain.
Nilesh Kale/
I believe in giving back and that's what I love to do at Shop for Change. Helping farmer is my duty, not charity.
Kalpesh Gada/
I am a financial analyst by profession. After a 20-year old career in credit analysis and credit rating, I decided to move on and explore opportunities in the social sector. I am presently learning to take baby steps in the not-for-profit world, while providing voluntary support to a few NGOs. ShopForChange is one of them.


Shop for Change Fair Trade empowers consumers to make informed choices and bring about positive change, while still enjoying affordable, quality products.

  • Win - Win Environement

    The motive of this supply chain is to pay farmers fairly at same time avail products at reasonable price to consumers.

  • Fair Trade Standards

    The entire supply chain is not only monitored for the quality check but also monitored ethically!

  • Health & Well-being

    All products sourced are in line with the guidelines given by our Health & Nutrition experts.


"Best brains in the world solve problems of rich, who really don't have problems" Sam Pitroda. Yes, we are gathering those best brains to solve problems of Farmers.


Dr SudhirKumar Goel

Retd. Additional Chief Secretary Agriculture & Marketing Maharashtra State (IAS officer)

Justice Ambadas Joshi

Retd. Judge Mumbai High Court and Chairman of Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal

Ashish Saraf

Vice President - AirBus India, Global Supply Chain Expert

Luke Coutinho

Integrative and lifestyle medicine - Holistic Nutrition


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